The first blog I read was <>. It is someone who gives reasons to learn English and the way to do it. Showing the advantages and all aspects about any language. It is really useful in order to know how someone should start to learn. However, I think it is too theoretical. I prefer more interactive blogs, more practical. That is why each other has own method of learning a language. Nevertheless, the pieces of advice are well organised what facilitate the reading.

      The second blog I looked at was: <;. I really liked this blog. It allows learning a lot of languages and it offers as well a lot of resources. I looked at the Spanish part as it is my mother tongue and I was very surprised. It has many useful links to learn Spanish as dictionaries, grammar, vocabulary, phrases….but what I liked was the chance to take part in a Spanish forum. I think the human contact it is very helpful in order to solve some doubts. Moreover there is a Spanish blog with a lot of interactive videos. I consider that it is a good web site to visit.

      The third blog I read was: <>. It is a good blog that shows the steps to follow in order to learn a foreign language, outstanding examples of teaching and learning through digital media. However, in my opinion it doesn’t attract any attention because it is very monotonous. So I didn’t like in spite of its good content.

      The last blog I read and the one I liked best was: <>. All the previous blogs give tips about how people can learn English quickly. However, I think you cannot learn a foreign language without being in touch with it. For this reason, the blog which is closer to my thoughts is the last one. In my opinion, it offers a hundreds of useful resources with videos, news, dictionaries, grammar…..etc. It is really interesting! Furthermore, the appearance is nicer.

       Other only give the steps you have to follow in order to learn a language but the last one involves the key to learn, a funny interaction.  I fell in love of this blog. Moreover, it is very current because it has recent links and all of them are available.

If you would like to learn English, I recommend you visiting this web site =).